Nursery Rhymes

Here are some useful resources for teachers and parents wishing to introduce Nursery Rhymes to their children. Pam hopes you will enjoy sharing all these wonderful traditional Nursery Rhymes with your children.
Nursery Rhymes are so popular with children because of their strong rhythmic qualities.

Singing and chanting Nursery Rhymes helps children to:
- develop their language skills
-develop a love of literature
- improve their vocabulary.
But most of all they are fun and a pleasurable way to experience the English Language.
Pam as 65 acapella Nursery Rhymes available on her Pam's Nursery Rhymes CD.
You can listen to a selection of Nursery Rhymes by clicking the play button on the player below. This resource is offered with love to children and to all those who dedicate their lives to children.