Thursday, February 17, 2011

Multi Media Snowmen using Paint, Paper, Fabric and More.

As part of our celebration of winter we made some snowmen. We started by painting the bodies, and the snow covered ground.  The next day we added paper eyes and buttons, I have used real buttons in the past.  Then cut out scarves and hats using fabric sample books.  Some children chose to add orange carrot noses, one student a cup of coffee, some added glasses and headphones, it was up to each student to create their snowman's personality. They love saying, "we can do whatever we want because it is Art!" I celebrate this sense of personal power over their creation. 
I hope you enjoy these snow characters and get a sense of the fun we had making them.

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  1. Snowmen with personality. I love it. My daughter's teacher had the students use sponges to paint the snowmen. It gave them a nice texture. There are many different arts and crafts supplies that you can use. Have fun!


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