Thursday, March 10, 2011

Primary Crafts for Valentines Day or Friendship Theme

It takes a while for me to get my pictures uploaded. Report cards and trips to the aquarium, teaching life, get in the way of the blog. I hope you like some of these ideas and it is nice to know they can be applied to the theme of friendship.
We made the hats as part of our Valentine's Day celebration and created the banners a few days before so our classroom looked festive.
I cut many different sized hearts ahead of time and showed the students how to cut smaller hearts out of the middle of a bigger heart. They enjoyed cutting out their own hearts as well.
I hope you have some fun with your students with these ideas.
We made hats for our Valentines Party
We made these Valentine Banners to hang up in our room. Lots of cutting and sticking.
Close up of a hat, each one was different, according to the imagination of the child.
Some chose to add some writing. This one translates as, 'I Love everyone'

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